Composting 101: What You Should and Shouldn’t Compost


The best gardeners know that compost is better than fertilizer, when it comes to providing a nutrient-rich growing environment for plants.

Composting is easy and inexpensive, and anyone can do it. But for the best compost and composting experience, you need to put the best ingredients into your bin or pile. Here’s a quick list of what you should and should not compost, and why.

You SHOULD compost:
– Grass clippings
– Dead leaves and small twigs
– Wood chips and sawdust
– Hay and straw
– Fruits and vegetables
– Coffee grounds, filters, tea bags
– Cardboard rolls
– Dryer and vacuum cleaner lint
– Fireplace ashes
– House plants
– Nut shells
– Shredded newspaper
– Cotton and wool rags


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