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Japan’s Typhoon Leaves Widespread Damage

Typhoon Lionrock has left widespread damage and flooding in northern Japan. Hundreds of people remain in shelters, and rescuers are continuing to look for survivors. Source : BBC News

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Mauritania: World’s Newest Gold Rush

Thousands of people are rushing into a part of the Sahara desert as the world’s newest gold rush is underway. A government decision in the West African country of Mauritania to allow people to dig in the sands has seen people from across the country give up everything in the hope of striking it rich.

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Hurricane Makes Landfall in Mexico

Hurricane Newton slammed into the twin resorts of Los Cabos on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula Tuesday morning, knocking out power in some places as stranded tourists huddled in their hotels. Source : Associated Press

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Climate Change: Professor Brian Cox clashes with Sceptic Malcolm Roberts

Professor Brian Cox has verbally sparred with a newly elected Australian politician who believes climate change is a global conspiracy. The British physicist behind BBC’s Wonders of the Universe was a guest on the adversarial panel show Q&A. Also on the Australian TV show was senator-elect Malcolm Roberts from the anti-immigration One Nation party. The

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