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Raising Meat Rabbits for the Homestead

Meat rabbits during WWII were “off the ration” which, sometimes, meant the difference between survival and starvation. It was common for the British to raise chickens and rabbits to supplement their diet. Likewise, in the United States the Government encouraged everyone to grow a Victory Garden. Oh, how far we have come.

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Cocoa: The 11th C of Survivability

With winter over, at least in Georgia, you might be tempted to stash that can of cocoa powder in the cupboard for your spring and summer outdoor adventures. Leaving this viral elixir home, my friend, would be a costly survival mistake!    I’m kidding… or am I?

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DHS launches family reunification

DHS Launches “Family Reunification,” Refugee Program for Central Americans

To facilitate the often treacherous process of entering the United States illegally through the southern border, the Obama administration is offering free transportation from three Central American countries and a special refugee/parole program with “resettlement assistance” and permanent residency.

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