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Michelle devours sandwich

School Lunch Official Mocks Student Complaint “Ruined Taco Tuesday”

After a student wrote Michelle Obama complaining about the fact that her new program “ruined Taco Tuesday” the new “Let’s Move” director retaliated. The student responsible for the letter to the First Lady is sever-year-old St. Joan of Arc School student, Richard “Trip” Klibert. Trip’s letter explained his disappointment in the newly implemented federal school

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ISIS Training 5-Year-Olds for War [VIDEO]

The most recent video released by ISIS depicts how the terror group trains children as soldiers and suicide bombers. The video shows about nine minutes of material where dozens of young boys wear camouflage uniforms and stand in formation. They repeat commands, pray, and complete physical exercises. Kevin Corke reported on “Fox and Friends” this

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Obama Goes to Great Lengths to Avoid Blaming “Islamic Extremism” — Blames Americans Instead

Barack Obama was recently reported explaining his views regarding the current “threat” the United States is facing. He referred to al Qaeda, ISIL, the massacres at Fort Hood and the Boston Marathon. What Obama revealed during these statements was his Marxist views. He continues acknowledge the religious nature of these threats and believes that racism

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MINSK, Belarus (AP) — Guns would fall silent, heavy weapons would pull back from the front and Ukraine would trade broad autonomy for the east to get back control of its Russian border by the end of 2015 under a peace deal hammered out Thursday in all-night negotiations between Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany. Related

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White House Insults Fox News?

At a recent luncheon with President Obama that’s usually held prior to the State of the Union, Fox News might have been properly dissed. Here’s how. After the White House State of the Union luncheon was concluded, Fox News’ reporter, Shepard Smith was reporting from the rotunda in the nation’s capitol stating some unusual sighting’s.

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obama state-of-the-union address

Obama’s 112 Unkept Promises & Counting

Looking back at President Obama’s below average history, in terms of his State of the Union addresses, tonight marks another address, which will most likely be entirely ignored by Congress. This is President Obama’s sixth State of the Union address (seventh counting his unofficial 2009 address) making him the second-worst President over the past five

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Paris Terror Attack 12 Dead In Apparent Islamist Attack On French Magazine Charlie Hebdo

Masked gunman attacked the offices of a satirical French magazine on Wednesday, killing 12 people in an apparent terrorist attack. Witnesses told AFP they saw two men armed with Kalashnikovs entering the Paris offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo around 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday. Minutes later, witnesses heard sustained gunfire in the building. According

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Islamization In The Obamanation

A radicalized progression whereby all countries on the face of the Earth are intended to be under Sharia Law. In light of the events in Paris, these clips speak for themselves. Source: TheAlexJonesChannel

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Muhammad Makes the First Charlie Hebdo Cover Since the Attack

After a coordinated attack on its headquarters that left 12 dead, the editors of the controversial satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo have doubled down. The first issue of the weekly since the deadly attack, carried out by France’s homegrown Islamic extremists trained in Yemen, features a fresh caricature of the prophet Muhammad, holding a sign that

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4 Steps to Securing Your Home During a Riot

So you and your family have decided to shelter within your home as a part of your emergency plan, or maybe you’ve been ordered to stay inside by the authorities. The important thing to is to ensure the perimeter is secure; this is vital to your family’s safety. During times of civil unrest, looters and

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LISTEN: Charles Barkley Calls Ferguson Looters “Scumbags”

Outspoken as ever, Charles Barkley is in the headlines again, this time for his comments regarding Ferguson. In an interview with 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia, Barkley made the comments that the people looting in the streets are not a representation of black people, rather that those looters were simply “scumbags.” Sir Charles has gone

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