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Maryland leads in gun confiscation

Don’t Attend a Gun Show Unless You Want to Be Watched

How much does the United States government know about you and your habits? Probably more than you realize. According to an email sent by the internal Justice Department, a federal agent had proposed using license-plate readers to scan vehicles around gun shows, stating that this would help gun-trafficking investigations. If we look back at 2009

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AKM Obama Special

Judicial Watch Forces Release Of Photos Of Gang Attack With Fast & Furious Rifle

This 7.62×39 WASR AKM “Obama Special” used in a 2013 gang attack in Phoenix, AZ, is one of thousands of weapons provided to narco-terrorists in one of the Obama Department of Justice’s gun smuggling operations. They should refer to the WASR 10s recovered at crime scenes along both sides of the border as “Obama Specials.”

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The Navy SEAL Who Killed bin Laden is Revealed

Are you ready to meet the Navy SEAL whom shot and killed Osama bin Laden? The Navy hero is Rob O’Neill, a family man and highly decorated veteran who retired after 16 years of dedicated service to our country. Rob O’Neill, thirty-eight years old, is a previous member of SEAL Team Six who can be

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Ferguson feeding frenzy

St. Louis Cop Shoots Black Teenager [AGAIN]

“As protests continue to smolder in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting, a fresh shooting incident, involving a police officer and a black teen, is fanning the flames of unrest yet again. On Wednesday, October 8th, at 7:30PM, an off-duty St. Louis officer working a department approved private security job, traded fire with an

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Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 1.57.55 PM

FBI: Mass Shootings 25 Times More Likely to be Perpetrated by Men

Today we are exposed to an unlimited amount of dangers that could ultimately lead to death. From chemically processed foods to mass shootings. One can never be certain of what they might encounter, but let’s take a look at some statistics here. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) partnered up with the FBI

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toy gun ban in NJ

(Toy) Gun Control in New Jersey – Atlantic City Bans Toy Guns

I guess New Jersey is running out of legal gun owners to harass. At least that’s one explanation for Atlantic City’s most recent ordinance aimed at curbing gun violence. Apparently, the genius progressives who run New Jersey’s version of Vegas have decided that banning toy guns will somehow save lives. It’s really nice that Atlantic

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Holder And Issa Meet On Capitol Hill Ahead Of Possible Contempt Vote

Holder running out the clock on Fast & Furious?

One of the first major scandals of the Obama administration may not get resolved until after Barack Obama leaves office — at least, if Eric Holder has anything to say about it. Politico’s Josh Gerstein reported last night on an effort by the Attorney General to keep the issue of executive privilege and Congressional subpoenas

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firearms training

Is Your Firearms Training Realistic?

Assailants rarely stand still and announce themselves as a “threat.” In the September issue of Townhall Magazine, where this article originally appeared,’s Bob Owens asks if your firearms training is realistic. 

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