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84-Year-Old Man Turns Tables on a Violent Mugger [VIDEO]

84-Year-Old Man Turns Tables on a Violent Mugger [VIDEO]

Tulsa resident Doug Jandebeur thought a friend was playing a trick on him when he heard a voice behind him saying, “Don’t turn around.” It turned out to be a mugger who stole his wallet and punched him in the face, leaving him on the ground in a strip mall parking lot. As the robber

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Pharmacist Protects Employees & Shoots Robber Dead

Shocking video of an armed confrontation in a West Virginia pharmacy captures the moment an employee shoots and kills a would-be robber during a stickup. On February 18th, Terry Gillenwater, 25, entered a Good Family Pharmacy located in Pinch, West Virginia. He wore a mask and carried a loaded handgun. After reviewing the security video

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Mainstream Media: ‘American Sniper’ Only a Blockbuster Thanks to Patriotic Simpletons

With the surprising  box office success of Clint Eastwood’s biopic, America Sniper, the left wing media is out to explain away the success, and vilify American moviegoers as simplistic, blindly loyal racists in the process. How, they wonder, can a morally complex movie (nominated for Best Picture, btw) about a single sharpshooter that killed 255

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Snipers are ‘Cowards’ According to Michael Moore

The latest individual to stir up some heated debate is the documentary filmmaker Michael Moore. He recently posted on twitter that “snipers aren’t heroes” just as “American Sniper,” a film about a Navy SEAL sharpshooter, was nominated for an Oscar and topped the weekend box office. The director of “Fahrenheit 9/11″ and “Bowling for Columbine”

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FSU Campus Shooting: Gunman Dead, 2 Wounded

At least two students are being medically treated for gunshot wounds after a reported shooting on Florida State University’s main campus early this morning. The terrible incident occurred at or near the Strozier Library on the Tallahassee campus. Officials at Florida State University alerted students to a “dangerous situation” on the school’s main campus. Campus

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Ferguson Residents Buying Guns like Mad, Fear Old West-Style Shootouts

As the grand jury’s decision draws closer in the case of the shooting death of Michael Brown, the sale of guns in Ferguson, MO has increased by as much as 50 percent. This may sound like a page out of the old West, but for the residents of the community, the upcoming verdict is serious

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The Navy SEAL Who Killed bin Laden is Revealed

Are you ready to meet the Navy SEAL whom shot and killed Osama bin Laden? The Navy hero is Rob O’Neill, a family man and highly decorated veteran who retired after 16 years of dedicated service to our country. Rob O’Neill, thirty-eight years old, is a previous member of SEAL Team Six who can be

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