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Obama Final Four

The Bear and the Community Organizer

Vladimir Putin scheduled the war to retake the Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – for the first half of the last Final Four college basketball game. He anticipated, correctly, that the President’s focus would be on his brackets instead of Russia’s plan to recapture its former glory.

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Susan Rice lies about Bergdahl

House Republicans Are Demanding Details About Susan Rice’s Talking Points Again — This Time Over Bowe Bergdahl

Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee have asked the White House for all notes, talking points and other documents that were used to inform National Security Adviser Susan Rice when she said Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl served the U.S. with “honor and distinction.”

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Monsanto GM foods

Monsanto Chief Admits ‘hubris’ is to Blame for Public Fears Over GM-Plus VIDEO

Monsanto CEO : ‘We never thought about our place in the food chain’ The American company that produced the world’s first genetically modified crop has admitted for the first time that its “hubris” in promoting the technology contributed to a consumer backlash against genetically modified food.

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