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Cocoa: The 11th C of Survivability

With winter over, at least in Georgia, you might be tempted to stash that can of cocoa powder in the cupboard for your spring and summer outdoor adventures. Leaving this viral elixir home, my friend, would be a costly survival mistake!    I’m kidding… or am I?

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harry reid brags

White House won’t criticize Reid comments on Romney’s taxes

The White House on Wednesday declined to criticize Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid for suggesting Mitt Romney did not pay his taxes, passing on the chance to condemn the remarks after President Obama this week bemoaned the lack of civility in politics.

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Obama illegal immigration legacy

Obama’s Immigration “Legacy:” Lower Wages, Less Security for Americans

“All we’re saying is we’re not going to deport you,” was the big lie President Barack Obama used when he announced his executive action on immigration. Despite being repeated time and again by politicians and the media during the DHS funding debate to describe the president’s action, it’s still a lie.

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Hillary Clinton wipes server

The Clinton Comeback Begins … With The Email Server Being ‘Wiped Clean’

Chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi has received an answer from Clinton’s lawyers about turning over her server to an independent third party for review; it’s not worth it because everything on it was deleted. That’s including the backup systems connected to the server as well.

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illegal children crossing border

12,509 Illegal Kids Already Over Border in Second Wave, Just 1 in 6 Returned

The next explosion of illegal teen border crossing is in full swing, but just one-in-six are being sent home, with most of the rest settled in the United States, according to new government figures.

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Microsoft Logo

Microsoft to axe Internet Explorer

We’ve known for months now that Microsoft was working on a new browser currently named Project Spartan for Windows 10, but it always appeared as though the company planned to keep Internet Explorer front and center. But the negative connotations with the name were just too much — Microsoft is finally giving up on IE.

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