10 Reasons Why Obama Could be facing 10 years to life in Prison;

Violated Federal Law

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President Barack Obama explicitly violated federal law.

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Jim Wright Jim Wright says:

Aw, just ten years that’s a shame, bubba’s gonna be disappointed he just got a fresh supply of KY!

Jim Kulzer Jim Kulzer says:

Impersonating an American should be the first charge!

He should be shot for treason .

Unfortunately no one will stand up to him ! Congress is a disgrace.

Paul Ranck Paul Ranck says:

Never happen but one can hope. He certainly earned it.

So who’s waiting?

Change the could be to is

Bob Freeman Bob Freeman says:

no one in DC has balls to take him out

He should be in prison now along with Hillary, Pelosi, Harry, and a lot of other traitors.

Get on with it or move on. The whining is getting old.